Monday, June 29, 2009

B's First Pigtails

Check out the new do!!!

Thanks Auntie Monica!

Forgot to mention from the previous post...B has been off the bottle for a little over a week now!!! As you can see she does like to play with her baby's bottle though =)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

1 Year Check Up

Brooklyn went for her one year check up last Friday. My poor baby had to get 3 shots plus her blood taken...she was NOT a happy camper! They also checked her ears and she has green tubes that look great. Here are her latest measurements...

Height - 30 in - 75%

Weight - 21 lb and 11 oz - 50 / 75%

What is Brooklyn up to these days?

She says Ma-ma, Da-da, Ba-ba (Devon thinks she says Bubba) and her teacher said she also says Pa-pa along with her lovely squeals and screams.
She walks everywhere, she climbs, she gives yummy wet kisses and she loves the water.
She has 1 bottom tooth and another one coming in as I speak. Yay B!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Birthday Pictures

The Birthday Girl

One of the was a HOT day!

The Moonwalk

Her 1st Birthday Cake


Can't forget her Tot Rod

Birthday Love from her Big Brother

Quick family photo before the festivities begin

And she's off

Having a blast in her baby pool

Chillin with Bella

and Austin too!

Noah gets his Piggies and Paws painted

Devon & Brianna

Katelyn, Tayla, Lauren and Landon

Time for Cake

She's not too sure about it

But still manages to get it all over her face!

Thanks to all my family and friends for being with us on Brooklyn's special day!

We Love You All!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Brooklyn's First Birthday!!!

Brooklyn turned the BIG ONE on 6-11-09! It's hard to believe a year has already come and gone...this makes me both happy and sad. I came across this poem and thought it summed up how I felt about Brooklyn's big day!

It's your very first birthday, baby,
One candle on your cake;
Proud parents stare in wonder
At each new move you make.
We join in celebration,
As this special date arrives,
For baby has brought pleasure
Into all our lives.
We look forward now to seeing
How you progress and grow,
From the cute and tiny infant
You were one year ago.
So dig into your icing;
Enjoy your presents, too.
The reason for this day
Is a special person--you!

Happy 1st Birthday Brooklyn! I love you with all my heart!

...Pictures to follow...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

B's 1st Birthday Present

Aunt Gail and Uncle Mark sent B an early birthday present last week. Devon was itching to open it up for her so I let him. She got an adorable little people birthday house. She loves carrying the house around and pretending the lil dog inside is a pacifier! Thanks guys!!!